Dawn of the Murder Walnut!

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Oh my beloved and long lost RUST has been completely rebuilt from the ground up by FacePunch Studios! We’ve been playing (and streaming) a bit lately in the… Read More »


Dead Realm Twitch – Grown Men Screaming!

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Nothing in the world can make a grown man scream like a baby like Dead Realm. Dead Realm is basically adult hide and seek where one player plays… Read More »


Top 10 Horror Games of All Time (As of 2015)

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Since Evil Christmas (Hallowe’en) is coming up, Greed has made a list of his top 10 favorite Horror Games of all time (up to this point of course!)…. Read More »


Horror Game Review: Layers of Fear

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Greed reviews one of his new all time favorite games, the BEAUTIFUL and psychedelic LAYERS OF FEAR. This review has been seen and enjoyed by the company that… Read More »


Horror Game Review: Dreadout

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This week Greed reviews a game that has received some pretty positive reviews however Greed thinks it’s a ripoff of a game he loved 10 years ago and… Read More »


Horror Game Review: Kholat

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Watch Greed review Kholat a game about the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Real story. Real scary game!


Twisted Chili Braid

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Once upon a time my friend and I had an idea for a fast food company that we thought would be super convenient at corner stores, gas stations,… Read More »


The Ancients Mustard Pickles

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My friend who happens to be the God of pickling vegetables and his brother were recently talking about how there are a lot of skills and wisdom that… Read More »


Soup of Ginger Despair

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I’ve been putting this off for awhile now… probably about 6 months by this point. Firstly to try and get this recipe as good as I could get… Read More »


Seafood Stew

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One of my most favorite types of food is seafood, and one of my most favorite ingredients is booze, wine in particular is great to cook with. This… Read More »


Devil Egg Jello Shooters

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Hi there! Another week has gone by so it’s time to share another recipe! Even though this is a super simple one you’ll certainly appreciate this if you’re… Read More »



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Well I’ve certainly been a slacker lately haven’t I? I’m back at it now after a summer full of adventures and busy times! Today I’ve brought you a… Read More »