The Temple of Evil has bills to pay as well!

We are offering opportunities to advertise your website or product on the Temple of Evil website. However we’re not letting just any Tom, Dick, and Harry post ads on our website. While we are interested in having advertising on the site we won’t be doing it at the cost or annoyance of the monsters that visit the site.


1) Your site or product must be VERY specifically related to FOOD, COOKING, ALTERNATIVE CULTURE, or TATTOOS. Any other types of ads will not be considered.

2) You must have a website. It must be what we will define as a “nice” website. Meaning if it looks like you haven’t spent much time on your website we won’t be able to send people your way.

3) If you’re selling a product it must be a good deal and it must be YOUR PRODUCT.

That’s not too unreasonable I don’t think. Now there are also a few stipulations on what can happen if you do get advertising on our website. Like I mentioned earlier the viewers rule the site so…


1) If enough viewers complain about your AD it will be removed but you WILL be given a prorated refund for your advertising spot. This is probably pretty unlikely considering the requirements.

2) If your website is down for more than a day or two during your ad campaign it will be removed.

3) If your website has any nefarious code on it it will be removed immediately and reported.

So all of that being considered it may sound strict but it’s good for our viewers and it’s good for you as well. Viewers of your ad will know that your advertising is exactly catered to what they’re interested in and they’ll know that your site is trustworthy. 


1) A Chance for your website or product to be seen prominently on every page of the Temple of Evil Website.

2) Your AD to be viewed by over 300 – 1000 UNIQUE visitors per day.

3) Your AD to be viewed by ONLY people who are interested in what you are doing (See our requirements above).

4) The OPTION for a bit extra to be the ONLY advertising on the website.

5) If you do not choose the exclusive advertising option you will still know that you will only EVER have 4 other advertisers competing with you.

6) Your AD will be on a website that has already secured partnerships for promotions with HUGE internet superstars. Click here to see what we have already!