Hot and Sour Soup

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I’m not a huge soup fan but I’ve always loved Chinese Hot and Sour Soup. I’ve tried to make it before but it’s never come out just right…. Read More »

Hellish (Hell Relish)

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We here at the Temple of Evil love hot food. We’ve imported ghost pepper powder, and most recently fresh ghost peppers. We’re sado-masochists of the highest order and… Read More »

You’re pregnant? Have a Bagel!

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I was working around the Temple of Evil grounds today just doing a bit of what had to be done. I only had a few chores that needed… Read More »

Photo Gallery: Before and Afters

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We like to make sure that every single recipe gets a mouth watering picture to go with it. What you might not realize about food blogs is that… Read More »

Salmon Mea Culpa

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I love seafood I could really eat it every day. I’m from a fishing community and now live in another fishing community so when it comes to fresh… Read More »

Wrath’s Pyramid of Evil (Samosas)

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Whenever my good friend Wrath comes down from Halifax or whenever I go up there we make a point to create a new recipe. You might have read… Read More »

Nutella Chemical Weapon

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When was the first time you had Nutella? And more important: How did you feel about it? Perhaps you were born in the First World and it’s something… Read More »


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My dad has always been an avid animal fan. As far back as I can remember we’ve always had all kinds of animals. Sure we’ve had cats and… Read More »

Recycled Pudding

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So… your aunt called. Perhaps it was your friend. You were too sleepy or drunk to remember. What you do remember is that there’s a meeting and they… Read More »

Food and the World: Wasteful Secrets

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You know I love cooking and I love posting interesting ways to stuff yourself silly on this site. There are lots of cooking and food appreciation sites on… Read More »

Sweet n Sour Chicken

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Most of the time I like to make cooking a complex, almost alchemical process. One of my favorite anime of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist (I even have… Read More »

Elea’s Magic Mushroom Masala Strudel

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Elea is a fun, quirky girl that loves to eat. Recently gone vegetarian, She finds herself very excited to find out just how many dishes there are that… Read More »