Suicide Girls Project 10: Elea Suicide

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When reading Elea’s requirements the keywords that stuck out to us were: Stuffed Things, Nontraditional Mixed Ingredients, and Vegetarian. That left open a lot of possibilities and also everyone knows… Read More »

THE Black Mushrooms

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Well in general i’m not overly happy whenever I go to a restaurant around here (if anyone has suggestions of places to go let me know) but about… Read More »

Souvlaki and Tzatziki

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Back in April 2011 a group of us went to Halifax to see the Korn / Disturbed concert. It was an amazing show. I’d been a Korn fan… Read More »

Yarmouth Metal’s Bacon Abomination

In Recipes, Temple Original On March 30, 2013 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago we got a chance to cater for the bands playing the two day metal festival put on by Yarmouth Metal called “The Winter… Read More »

Suicide Girls Project 9: Fraise Suicide

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Here’s something new! None of the girls have ever requested a breakfast before and as far as I can recollect there’s only one breakfast recipe on the whole… Read More »

Fraise’s Infinite Breakfast Burrito

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Fraise is a cultural anthropologist with all her heart. Traveling, exploring the world, animals and films- that sums her up pretty much. She tries to experience cultures through everything… Read More »

Suicide Girls Project 8: Clio Suicide

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This recipe had two ingredient requests that I’d never used before: Anchovies, and Capers. I’d never worked with these two before but I’ll tell you what I’m now… Read More »

Clio’s Phoenix Tomato Pasta

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Clio is a long-time SuicideGirl from Amsterdam. She likes records and cats and books. She also works at a vinyl distribution company and studies music management. She’s always… Read More »

Lazy Breakfast

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If you’re anything like me you almost never have time for breakfast. Rather that once I finally wake up, I’m really just a member of the walking dead… Read More »

Devils Drink Stir Fry

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Stir fry is probably one of the easiest good meals anyone can make. I know a lot of single guys and girls on their own for the first… Read More »

Aisline’s Pepper Supreme

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Aisline is a 25 year old suicide girl from Canada. She’s an animal lover and an animals rights activist. Although she’s not technically a vegetarian, she does enjoy… Read More »

Suicide Girls Project 7: Aisline Suicide

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This was a challenge for me. I once spent about 6 months as a vegetarian but to be honest i very rarely cooked my own dishes and basically… Read More »