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Before I moved to the city I’d never had any experience with sushi. I think i probably only really heard about it on tv or movies. I knew… Read More »

Walk The Plank Kabobs

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Last summer I kept on having great BBQ’s with friends, but it was always the same BBQ proteins; sausages, burgers, blah blah blah. Nice, but ya gotta change… Read More »

Temple Style Shrimp Scampi

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Last Friday we went over to a friends house who was going to try out a seafood recipe with us. It was amazing and at some point it… Read More »

Tita’s Exotic Paradise Cupcakes

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Tita is a professional traveler, cupcake galavanter, fitness fan,  SuicideGirl, and pantless wonder by her own description! By my description I would say that she is a force… Read More »

Suicide Girls Project 6: Tita Suicide

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It’s gradually getting warmer here but it’s not quite there yet. We’ve still been dreaming of warm weather and tropical fruits help us do that. This episode features… Read More »

Old Timey Baked Beans

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Baked beans are pretty popular i’m sure everyone in north america knows about them (and their musical properties!) but alot of people, myself included, think of them as… Read More »

Temple Vindaloo

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When I first started going to university I really had no clue at all about foods from other places and cultures, but unlike a lot of people I… Read More »

Photo Gallery: Bitten’s Dish

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The kickoff of our second season of the Temple of Evil / Suicide Girls Recipe Project was a lot of fun! The actual cooking part was mostly waiting… Read More »

Bitten’s Omega Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Bitten is a beautiful and smart girl (She’s going to be a medical assistant!) and in my opinion has REALLY good taste when it comes to food! Her… Read More »

Suicide Girls Project 5: Bitten Suicide

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Through the cold death like state we all suffer through called “winter” here something was just missing from all our lives in the Temple of Evil. That something… Read More »

Brutality Quindim

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Last week I showed you how to make the national dish of Brazil which was Feijoada, and it was absolutely Delicious and a real hit. Not to mention it was… Read More »

South American Feijoada!

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As you may have noticed other than on the rare occasion I don’t post many “normal” north american recipes. I try to show you dishes from other countries, or very… Read More »