• 24 Digby Scallops
  • 24 White Jumbo Tiger prawns
  • 2 good sized Gilt-Head Bream
  • Also used the following vegetables for the kabobs;
  • White-capped mushrooms
  • Peppers – green, red, yellow and orange (to add some colour)
  • 1 Large red onion
  • 1/2 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Don’t be cheap on this!)
  • 4 tbsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 Cup of fresh snipped dill
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • Fresh ground pepper (to taste)
  • 2 clove garlic, minced
  • 3 shallots

Last summer I kept on having great BBQ’s with friends, but it was always the same BBQ proteins; sausages, burgers, blah blah blah. Nice, but ya gotta change it up a bit. So I decided why not try a Seafood BBQ!

The idea was hatched. But what kind of seafood? Most seafood, if you don’t know what your doing, can turn into a certain disaster and the bbq ends up getting most of the fish. So, came up with the idea of Kabobs….seafood kabobs!

So the other week, we were getting bored with weather, the snow, and the fact that nothing goes on during the winter months after Christmas. So why not have a winter BBQ. Then these beauties came to back around.

So sit back, grab a rum with your non pirate hooked-hand and read on…

The Prep


Sweet Heaven

Sweet Heaven

First thing you’ll want to do is prepare the marinade in a large bowl ready to marinade the fish. Mix all of your marinade ingredients together and give a good stir.

Once you have your marinade ready it’s time to get your fish ready.  The White Tiger Prawns need to be De-shelled.  I left them on for presentation purposes, but trust me, your guest will enjoy them much better without their shells (just ask Nick).  Now prep your scallops. I used Digby Scallops and are a good size for this bbq. Now for the Bream. Good inch cubed portions.  The one main thing to keep in mind is that all your fish and vegetables are of approximately equal size.

Once you have your fish all cut up, place all the fish into the your marinade, give a quick turn or two to make sure everything is thoroughly covered and marinade for 2 hours. Don’t want to cook the fish too much in that citric acid!

Now that the fish are all getting to know each other, time to get your veggies all cut up. Cut up the mushrooms, peppers and onions about the same size as your fish, place in bowls ready to make your kabobs.

Now sit down with a good rum and a couple of friends and let marinade get well blended; as well as yourself.

Once the fish has marinated, take out of the fridge, and start to make up your kabobs. The putting together of the kabobs, is ultimately your decision, but I decided to start of with a veggie, a piece of Bream, another veggie, a scallop, another veggie or two and then a prawn. Rinse and repeat until all your kabobs are made up and no more fish or veggies are left.  Live a little!  Make a a couple of pure fish, we did!

You will have left over marinade in your bowl. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!  You will be needing this soon.

NOTE: If your using wooden skewers, make sure you soak them in water for a least 30 minutes; don’t want them catching fire on the BBQ.

While you are making your kabobs, get the BBQ on so it’s nice and hot. I pre-heated mine very high, 500 degrees (it is winter, and it needed to be very high).

Now that you have everything prepped and ready to go. get a spray bottle with Olive oil inside and spray your grill, don’t want these kabobs sticking. Now place your kabobs onto the bbq. I did mine in 2 batches, I did not want to overload the grilling area.  While these are getting grilled, you will now need your marinade again. Place your left over marinade into a frying pan and heat up it up. You need to do this to kill any bacteria that maybe now in the marinade.

While the kabobs are cooking,  brush  them with the marinade. Leave your kabobs on for about 5 to 6 minutes per side;  or until the fish has turned from translucent to an opaque. Try not to over cook the fish, it doesn’t need to be , the fish will still continue to cook even after it leaves the bbq.

Once the Kebabs are done, serve immediately while they are nice and hot and juicy. I served mine with some butter and garlic long grain rice and stirred in the leftover marinade into the rice. I also added more baby prawns into the rice as well.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope enjoy making these, they are not that hard. Just remember your marinade triangle (acid, fat, and aromatics), use the fish you would like to use. and enjoy your Walk the Plank Kabobs.

Happy eating!